Forthcoming Project:

Goodbye, Spike is a short film about the death of a pet cat and its effect on a young man. The film follows his efforts to process his grief through rituals like hanging white sheets all over his flat, watching YouTube videos and attempting to draft the perfect Instagram post in tribute to his fallen feline, but it is other people- friends, strangers- who challenge and contort his feelings as he clashes with the real world and the desires and concerns of others. 

A film by Matt Gibb


Samm Anga
Fredrica Sidén Cruz
Jonas Van Der Ham
Blythe Stockdale
Amina L'Hoest

Sound Recording by Nahuel Calzado Chaui and Tanja Jensen

Boom Operator: Mona Thierse

Sound Design by Matt Gibb and Samm Anga

Score by Samm Anga

Thanks to Juno the Cat and Katti Jensen, Ian Macartney, Miriam Schulter, Morven Kemp, Stewart Lawson, Alastair Lockhart, Julia Tooms and Erica Taylor Low.

David Anga, BLINDSIDE  (composer)

Crime-drama about a ring of black market criminals dealing in the illegal sale of human organs, until one fateful night when a trade takes a blind turn.One Night . One Trade . One Blind Twist

 WhiteFox Films, 2018All Rights Reserved

Composer Showreel featuring a range of projects I have edited, scored and directed.

Samm Anga, The Infallible Mask of Melodious Phunk (writer/director)

There is a cyclicality within the symbiotic relationships of life and death, as within pleasure and pain. During life we await death, during death, we appraise life; while chasing pleasure we find pain. The nature of addiction is inherently masochistic in its flirtation with the danger of death.

ANAΓKH (also Ananke), is the personification of inevitability, compulsion and necessity in Greek mythology. Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame features Dom Claude agonisingly carved those words into the walls of the cathedral in an attempt to covey the inexpressible torment and masochism of his own repressed desires. 

In this experimental short, the titular character self-eulogises his own demise as a way to articulate his psychosis, deconstructing the mediums of language, sound and image as incomplete symbols through which to attempt to convey inexpressible feelings. Rejecting the rules of form, he embraces chaos and a violent means for enlightenment. In the recess of his dying mind, dream and recollection collide, exposing the inconsistencies of time, unreliability of memory, fatality of lust and the briefness of a regretful life.

Through the process of visual and sonic repetition, the relationship of thought, memory and recollection interweave, cutting and looping like samples of an electronic beat; Jungian masculine archetypes, Greek tragedy and Biblical mythology collide within the semi-linear narrative.

How much will you sacrifice for catharsis?

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